Meet Shirley Bell
110th District



  • Education is the key to our future.
  • Quality affordable education is a right. This includes comprehensive Pre-K through college.
  • Today's changing economy mandates fully investing in educational opportunities including apprenticeships, certificate and targeted training programs, and college to meet the needs of our wage-earners and our people.

Good Jobs

  • A good job provides a livable wage, healthcare, benefits, stability, and a path to the future!
  • Teachers, healthcare workers, and skilled trade workers are in short supply and those occupations provide good jobs.
  • Energy sector jobs in solar and wind are the fastest growing area and should be supported.

Organized labor

  • Organized labor built the middle class and gave us an 8-hour day, a 40-hour week, child labor laws, and safe working conditions.
  • Organized labor raises all of us up and improves the quality of life for our workers, our families, and our communities.


  • The budget impasse cost us jobs, services, and people.
  • Students who go to college out of state tend not to come back.
  • Lack of a budget creates uncertainty which makes it hard for businesses and families to sucessfully plan for the future.
  • The greatest waste in the Illinois budget is the interest paid on overdue bills. Healthcare providers should be paid promptly for their services.

Taxes and Services

  • Taxes are an investment in our future. Taxes give us fire and police protection, good roads, clean water, and air. They fund our schools and vital human services. Our communities and businesses depend on this infrastructure.
  • Illinois has the most unfair tax code in the country. We need a graduated income tax so the people who have prospered most in this state contribute most to this state.