Meet Shirley Bell
110th District

Hear WILL Radio interview Shirley Bell.

  • Living in Mattoon, Shirley Bell has been pleased to call Central Illinois her home for nearly 30 years. While she has always tuned in to politics, after seeing the terrible impacts Illinois' budget impasse brought to the 110th and the state, she knew that being tuned in simply wasn't enough. Our district and our state possess so much talent and potential. It's time we get the 110th and Illinois growing once again!
  • Shirley has been teaching college courses on interpersonal communication for more than 30 years, 19 at Eastern Illinois University before retiring in 2014. Her knowledge of human communication and her communication skills provide the foundation for a fresh approach to the work of state legislators.
  • Our representatives have to be willing and able to work together to find practical solutions for the real problems their constituents face every day. That means listening to those with whom you agree and disagree, taking up good ideas no matter who proposes them, and approaching issues as joint problem-solving activities.
  • "Bipartisanship and compromise are not dirty words. They are fundamental job requirements for our public servants."
  • Shirley Bell will bring to bear her skills in communication, negotiation, and compromise for creating a better future for the people of Illinois.
  • "If I am fortunate enough to be hired by the people of the 110th, the approach I describe here is what I'll take to Springfield — it's the harder one, it takes more work and time but is much more likely to be successful. I'm up for the challenge, I'm up for the work, and I'm looking forward to dedicating myself to my new full-time job representing the 110th."